2008-05-01 Autor: sihva 
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  vermontlane (<°·HHHH<; 5.0000) 01.05.08 19:31  
Väga kevadine ja ilusad värvid, aga sama kui tuhanded teised.
  matemaatik (<°·HHHH<; 4.8970) 01.05.08 19:34  
  vermontlane (<°·HHHH<; 5.0000) 01.05.08 19:47  
Roosa vist kirss. Kuu aega tagasi oli Washington DC neid jaapani kirsse täis.
  mrtn (<°·HHHH<) 01.05.08 20:01  
jaapan oli ka neid kirsse täis, aga kuna koguaeg sadas, siis ei saanud ühtegi talutavat pilti
  Smiley (<°·H<) 01.05.08 20:51  
An Estonian friend, living in the States, suggested I join this photo site because he felt that even though he was Estonian, with Estonian genes still embedded, he was too Westernized to fairly judge the photos. He showed me some pictures that he didn\'t understand the ratings they received, either high or low. He thinks that I, US born and raised, would help him arrive at subjective values. However, rating images 1 to 5 sometimes produces difficulties. I have seen pictures that definitely rate a 3 but also tend to lean somewhat toward 4. Therefore a rating of 3 doesn\'t do justice and 4 would be over rating. It would expedite matters if ratings between the whole numbers can be utilized. In the case of this picture, I would rate it somewhere between 1 and 2. It almost satisfies the #2 rating but the oomph is missing.
  Berit (<°·HHHH<) 01.05.08 20:51  
mulle nii hirmasati sellised pildid meeldivad, mis siis, et neid tuhandeid on :)
  Allar (<°·HHHHH<) 01.05.08 21:36  
thanks for joining! the company here is variegated, with many different comprehensions and beliefs. you wont probably find here any undubious comprehensions of rating criterias, because in many cases given rating characterizes rather the appraiser than picture rated. that kind of variety is born in years and is one of charms of this site.

also, we have here quite a few "generations". young and fresh ones, currently "on top of the hill" photographers and of course seasoned ones, who don't participate in everyday "chat", but nevertheless keep an eye on the site daily.

for your knowledge - right to give a rating must be earned. you have to send your photos, receive good feedback and show your character in comments. best time to start of course today :)

i hope you can ask your friend for translations for comments youre interested in. also, if you have questions related to the site, you can freely ask me directly - allar@fotokala.ee
3 Meribel (<°·HHH<) 03.04.12 16:09